Some of my work in German

Please feel free to browse some of my work in German

On these pages you can see some of my translations from German to English. During my time as editor of the Ibiza Now and Ibiza Heute, I did a great deal of translation work - but not all of it appeared directly as translation. Usually a German source had to be explained or interpreted into English.

However, one of the pieces that I translated directly into English (owing to its technical nature) was a reader’s letter written by Captain Assman, a Lufthansa pilot and regular visitor to Ibiza.

I also used to regularly translate articles and features about art. Pieces of work would arrive in the office in several languages, and  would be translated from one language to another. Here are some of the pieces I translated about art and artists

Here also is the text of an article that I wrote after interviewing German artist Eva-Maria Reiner-Wilke. Although I conducted the interview in German, I wrote the article in English. Later it was translated back into German by one of my trusted translation team.

Classical music was another of my specialities - not because of any particular enthusiasm (although I did enjoy many of the concerts), but because the German organiser, Margareta Kinsberger spoke very little English. So guess who had to translate her work. Seriously, though, Margareta was an indefatigable marvel - arranging visits to Ibiza by rising young classical musicians (often unpaid) and hectoring town halls to provide venues for them to perform. It was a pleasure to support her impressive industry. Here is part of an article that I (rather freely) translated.

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