Some of my work in Spanish

Please feel free to browse some of my work in Spanish

On these pages you can see some of my translations from Spanish to English. During my time as editor of the Ibiza Now and Ibiza Heute, I did a great deal of translation work - but very little of it appeared directly as translation. Usually a Spanish source had to be explained or interpreted into English. So some of these pieces have no original as such.

However, the translation from the instalación submarina is a pure translation of recent vintage - and I am happy to be judged on pieces such as this.

The next piece is one close to my heart - a translation that I did on a voluntary basis for my friend Nito Verdera. I first became involved with his theory that Christopher Columbus was born on Ibiza in 1992 - the date of the Quincentenary of Columbus’ discovery of “America.” I am not sure about the Ibiza connection - although I am fairly sure that the Spanish King and Queen would have been most unlikely to have sent an Italian on such a significant voyage. It’s rather like the  Americans putting, let’s say, a Brit in charge of the Apollo 11 moon mission.

Anyway, here is part of Nito’s theory, and my translation of his text.

I couldn’t resist including a section from the book I translated into English - Historias de Mel, el Podenco Ibicenco by Rafael Sainz, which I translated into English as Tales of Mel , an Ibiza Podenco. I took a very liberal attitude towards the text I was given, with a definite thought of Peter Mayle in the back of my mind. This became quite a daunting proposition when Rafael revealed that my proof reader was to be the Professor of English at the Madrid Complutense University! Rafael was incredibly well-connected. I regret that I cannot remember the distinguished professor’s name, as he became one of my greatest fans: a friend of mine told me that he asked the professor whether he should read the book in English or Spanish. “Read it in English,” he replied, “it is a much better book.” The ideal for a translator, I suppose.

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